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Dr. Sandra J. Eller is a frequent, invited speaker locally and nationally.  Here are some of her often-requested presentations, giving attendees the opportunity to learn from Dr. Eller in an enjoyable seminar format.

College Admissions Success Over the Summer
Strategic use of the summer months, while also having fun, can be a cornerstone of success in the college admissions and scholarship processes. Learn about the key ways that the summer months can boost your college admissions chances and expand your options. Designed for high school students and parents at all levels and stages of the college process, with special tips for rising juniors and seniors.

College Admissions Success: 
Important Considerations for High School Students
and Their Parents
Whether you are a current junior applying to college in the fall of 2016, a sophomore or freshman applying in the future, or a parent seeking important knowledge about supporting your student’s efforts and paying for college, this workshop is for you. Participants will gain a detailed understanding of what colleges are looking for in students, how decisions in high school impact admissions chances, factors in selecting colleges and planning optimal visits, the intricacies of early vs. regular applications, and the ins and outs of financial aid and scholarships. Recent developments and changes in the college admissions landscape will also be discussed.

Gifted and Talented Students and College Admissions: Special Considerations and Recent Developments.
Dr. Sandra J. Eller will discuss some of the unique emotional characteristcs of gifted and talented students which can impact parent-student relationships as well as the college search and application process. Dr. Eller will provide practical strategies for helping high-ability students navigate the process in positive ways.

Acing Your College Application
Preparing a “standout” college application can be a daunting task. Mastering the Common Application (often used to electronically apply to many colleges), and deciding upon essay topics are just two of many dilemmas which current applicants face. While high school
grades and test scores are strong predictors of admissions and college success, there is no question that a well-prepared application can often increase the chance of admission to colleges, and may even have bearing on scholarship and financial aid determinations. 

Recent Developments in College Admissions and Their Impact on You
Dr. Sandra Eller will discuss important recent developments in the ever-changing college admissions landscape. 

Fundamentals of College Financial Aid
With ever-increasing costs at both private and state colleges and
universities, understanding both need-based and merit-based financial aid awards and how to obtain them is more important than ever. Dr. Sandra Eller will demystify the financial aid process, providing insight into many of the variables which colleges consider when awarding both “free money” (grants and scholarships) and “self-help aid” such as loans and work-study. 
Note:  Dr. Eller has presented this workshop to parent and educator groups as well as to Certified Financial Planners.