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About Dr. Sandra Eller

          Dr. Eller is a College Admissions Consultant based in Rochester, NY, with clients throughout the nation. For the past decade she has guided students toward colleges which prove to be a “best fit” to insure both their academic and social/ emotional adjustment and success.  

          A licensed psychologist in NYS, Dr. Eller has achieved stellar results with even the most reluctant students. She adheres to the highest ethical principles when guiding students to colleges where they can thrive.  

            Although Dr. Eller is best known for her work with high-ability “gifted and talented” students (who often apply to and are admitted to some of the nation’s most competitive schools), she works with students of all ability levels, including  student athletes and those with learning and emotional differences.  Her remarkable admissions and scholarship award success with under-motivated "B" and "C" students has won her consistent, enthusiastic praise.  

           Dr. Eller received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship, from the University of Rochester in 1983.  She received rigorous training as a College Admissions Educational Consultant through the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), an organization known for its comprehensive training and adherence to the profession's highest ethical standards. As a member of NACAC, NYSACAC and AGATE, Dr. Eller has trained other consultants in understanding the unique emotional and social needs of gifted and talented students when pursuing college admissions.  In addition, Dr. Eller is a member of HECA. 

             Dr. Eller was an adjunct faculty appointment as Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry through 2019.

             Dr. Eller is a frequent invited speaker and a contributor to print media, including The New York Times.