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          In the ever-changing college admissions landscape, students of many abilities can benefit from a close working relationship with an ally who can help them create the most compelling application for admission possible. Although many high school counselors are a great source of information and support, they often are limited in the time they are able to devote to each student.

         The transition to college is often a time of turbulence in families. As teens strive to become independent of parents, they sometimes do so at the expense of ignoring parental wisdom. A competent educational consultant can ease family strain, allowing parents to “just be parents”, safe in the knowledge that a competent professional is carefully guiding their child through all steps of the college process:  

  • Identifying appropriate schools
  • Maximizing the impact of college visits 
  • Creating a winning application (including essays and activities resumes) 
  • Perfecting interviewing skills 
  • Coaching for scholarship competitions 
  • Comparing and contrasting admissions offers and financial aid awards 
  • Making a “bound for success” college choice 

       For many parents, gaining a thorough grasp of options for paying for college is paramount. The ins-and-outs of college financial aid can be complex and confusing. Often, without realizing it, parents may overlook important strategies for obtaining both merit and need based scholarships and optimal financial aid packages. 

       Heart-to-heart conversations with high school counselors and principals echo a concern noted in the media: That private admissions consultants prey upon the anxieties of students and parents in order to gain clients, often making promises they cannot keep and sometimes charging exorbitant sums to do so.   Expertise, proven results and integrity and honesty should top the list of qualities sought in an educational consultant.

        Dr. Sandra Eller is committed to providing students and families with the highest-quality college admissions guidance.  Well known for her enthusiasm and expertise, combined with extensive first-hand knowledge of colleges and universities, she can be an important and valued part of your college journey.